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Our teams of highly skilled agents provide a wide range of customer-facing as well as back office processing services to our clients.  Each client program has a staff that has been selected and trained with the specific needs of the program in mind. Because our client’s customers are their most important asset, we demand only the highest standards from our employees, in all their interactions, whether on the telephone, through online chat and email or transaction processing. Below are some broad strokes on the types of services our teams are currently providing.

  • General Customer Support

    • Online/catalog sales; Upsell/Cross sell
    • Problem resolution/Billing issues
    • Product knowledge inquiries/General customer service
    • High-value customers serviced through dedicated teams
    • After-sales product support /Technical troubleshooting/Warranty claims
  • E-Commerce Website Support

    • Account set-up/Log-in retrieval/Online account issue resolution.
    • Online store inventory maintenance, upkeep and quality control.
    • Online customer inquiry response through chat and email.
    • Interaction with suppliers/manufacturers on product specifics.
    • Resolution of order issues/ Billing issues/ Product quality issues.
    • Online customer shopping experience quality control.
  • Loyalty Program Support

    • Reward account information, benefits and set-up.
    • Multiple reward accounts link and merge assistance.
    • Missing transactions troubleshooting.
    • Award certificate issues – Expired certificates/Difficulty printing or redeeming.

Our processes are thorough and meticulous in detail and we would love to share with you some specifics on the successes we have had providing the types of services listed above. Please contact us for more information.

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