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Driving the culture at Emerge BPO is the core belief that excellence in every customer interaction is our only option and delivering this excellence is the responsibility of our employees. We know that hiring the right person for the job is key and that every individual brings a unique set of skills to the table. It is our job through coaching and training to cultivate these skills and match them to the needs of our client programs.  In addition, there is genuine, deep-seated caring at the corporate level for each and every Emerge BPO employee. Because people feel they are valued and appreciated, they perform better at their jobs - longevity is created and our clients benefit from a stable and experienced workforce.


We have found that a culture where employees feel truly valued positively impacts the amount of passion and commitment they feel for their work. As a company, we encourage joy in daily activities – whatever they are and firmly believe that if we invest in our employees, reward their efforts and provide them with the resources needed to deliver excellence, they will, in return, add value to our client’s brands through quality interactions with their customers.

Agent Profile


Our agents in Guyana are hired from a labor pool that is primarily young, educated and motivated to pursue a job in the BPO industry as a career path. They are native-English speaking and share a strong cultural alignment with the North American customers they serve. After a stringent screening process, new hires progress through a twenty-day onboarding process that includes time in the classroom as well as in the contact center where they receive hands on coaching and feedback from their Team Leader.


Emerge Work At Home agents are hired as employees after an extensive screening and interview process to ensure they possess the appropriate skill sets as well as the motivation, self-discipline and home based technology required to work in a virtual office environment. The onboarding process for these new hires begins with training in a virtual classroom and then culminates in a period of on-the-job training with careful monitoring by a support team of Training Facilitators, Coaches and Team Leads.

Emerge BPO is guided by our Joy PACC. This is our promise to employees, client’s customers, clients, and shareholders, in that order, to use 5 guiding principles; joy, proactivity, accountability, consistency, and collaboration in every step of our decision-making process.

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